Earn More, Work AI-Smart And Enjoy!

Build a Profitable Biz, Strong Physical & Mental Resilience and Inspiring Professional Relationships

Like-minded entrepreneurs helping each other create predictable profit, scale quickly and actually enjoy their progress beyond professional success...
using "The Personal Profit Propelling Process" Framework

Jp Goldman
Founder, author and inspirer of
"The Personal Profit Propelling Process"

You'll get LIVE help from me personally, on general strategies, resources, marketing and various other topics...but also from like-minded entrepreneurs  and coaches who know things like technical stuff, copywriting and even relationships or mindset.

It's time to stop struggling with your business and start living your life! I look forward to getting to know you

The 3P community has the ambition to be a real community where ideas and sparks jump between members. 

We inform about cutting-edge growth strategies and inspire people. 

We provide every tool needed to propel your business to next level and to do so without stress, overwhelm or complexity. 

We give you the systems and support to finally charge what you're worth, breakthrough you revenue ceiling and actually enjoy your progress beyond professional success

All through the framework of The Personal Profit Propelling Process™.
Resulting in :
  • Profitable Wealth Entrepreneurship, by stabilizing, optimizing and expanding your company.
  • Physical and Mental Health through leveraging mindset, energy and nutrition principles.
  • Personal win-win relationships with yourself, your community and your team.

The Personal Profit Propelling Process™